RELX Alpha Starter Kit


Introducing the RELX Alpha Vape Pod Starter Kit, one of the newest creations in the RELX line up. With the 20+ patent-level AlphaSteam pod design and its utilization of the 4th generation FEELM ceramic technology, the RELX Alpha creates one of the smoothest vaping experience on any closed pod system device.


Despite its compact form factor, the RELX Alpha features a 350mAH battery with USB Type C charging that charges within 45 mins for long lasting everyday vaping and a ceramic honeycomb style coil for a flavorful vaping experience. The Alpha features a draw activated system to prevent any accidental button pressing and a vibration feature to ensure that the pods are locked in before you draw. The sleek matte finish is designed to fit in any pocket or pouch with a streamline oval shaped design.


Located at the top of the device is a deep recess on the contact point for the pods. With this feature, the replacement pods accomodates 1.6ml of pre-filled nicotine salt e-juice with a wide range of 10+ flavors to choose from!


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