The Atman LED eNail with case is the perfect starter kit to start with at one of the best prices. It is super efficient at vaporizing your concentrate waxes. Enhance your dabbing by being in control of the temperature you heat up your oils too. No more using torches or butane-powered sources.

Being able to evenly heat up your nail will give you the perfect flavor and right amount of vapor. Fully heat up your nail reliably. The temperature range is from 200°F-700°F.

The Atman LED e-Nail is highly non-corrosive. It contains a standard size that is available to be used with most other devices. It even comes with a built in Thermocouple.

You also get a padded briefcase with it which protects your e-Nail from any damage. It also gives it a comfortable protection in case it falls down. The briefcase also works well when you want to transport your Atman LED e-Nail.

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